website revamp

As you may have noticed, my web page has been through a number of changes during the last couple of weeks. First change you’ll notice is the website is now in english. I had been wanting to put up a couple of articles related to my work for some time, and I figured it would be better to write them in english for them to reach as broad an audience as possible. Because of that, it only made sense to switch the entire devblog to english. Rest assured, you can still write comments in french if you want to, but future posts and articles will all be written in english.
You’ll also notice I changed the theme for something a little more modern. Not overly so, it’s still a very simple layout. I’m not happy with everything about it at the moment so there will still be a few changes here and there in the coming days/weeks, but nothing major. (not a fan of how article titles are rendered at the moment for instance).
Finally, as I mentioned above, I’ve started writing a number of short articles related to the work I’ve been doing for the last couple years. They’re all very much WIP at the moment, but more complete versions should be up soon enough, so stay tuned !

  1. break said:

    wow, very happy to see the site in english !!

    * had to use google translate for the french and such *

    anyhow…keep up the great work friend ^_^”

  2. Many thanks very helpful. Will certainly share website with my good friends.|

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